Corona beer lost over 170 million dollars because of coronavirus due to unfortunate name similarity

Coronavirus is the latest virus that have the world worried and its epidemic is constantly growing and causing more and more financial disasters .

But no one felt the financial disaster of coronavirus as much as Corona beer company as they have reported that they have lost over 170 million dollars in the first 2 months of 2020 .

The Corona beer company’s management are asking government and medias to help people understand that Coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer and no one from the company is contaminated with coronavirus and no corona beer contain coronavirus .

But some financial experts have a different opinion ” Coronavirus may harm the company’s finance initially but they’re smart enough and invest their money and effort on a smart advertising campaign , they’ll end-up capitalizing and earn even more from coronavirus’s fame ” .

The coronavirus and Corona beer’s future are really unclear now , but time will tell if in the next few months Corona virus can turn the table or lose more because of unfortunate naming .